Chloe – a 47-year-old female

– Four months ago, Chloe filed for divorce. She had been married for 18 years. She has 2 daughters from the marriage, 9 and 16 years old.

– Chloe decided to move out of their family home into a new space. Her family was originally from out of town and were unable to help her move.

– As one could imagine, moving out of a family home is a lot of work and she had hoped for a little more help from her daughters.

– She had stomach pains that would come and go as well as emotions of anger and being overwhelmed with all of the change.

– Usually she would resolve stress with running, but lately she had continual tendinopathies that prevented this coping strategy

Chloe’s Genotype

  • FKBP5 –CC: normal HPA feedback
  • NR3C2 –TC: slightly fewer receptors with increased loss of negative feedback in HPA.
  • CRHR1 –TT: normal production of CRH and receptors.
  • COMT –AA: slow clearance of stress hormones.
  • CRY1-AA: normal sleep patterning.
  • IL6 –CG: moderate increased inflammation.
  • MMP3 –CC: high metalloprotease production.

Chloe’s Plan

  • GI Revive: 1.5 tbsp twice a day in water empty stomach for 1 bottle to reduce GI upset and inflammation.
  • Resveratrol Extra: 2 BID for 8 weeks then reduce to 1 BID to reduce MMP3 and IL6.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: 1 scoop per day in water always to support the joints.
  • Sereniten Plus :1 BID for 1 month and then off.

Chloe’s Outcome

  • Within 48 hours she felt the anger easing in her body.
  • 10 days later her stomach was 65% better, and 3 weeks later, she no longer felt her stomach.
  • 1 month later her joint and tendon pain was 75% improved.
  • 2 month later, she was seeing a therapist to talk through her divorce as she heads into the next phase of life
  • Note: She does not need to stay on Sereniten or GI Revive, she needs to support her MMP3 status that then increases her IL6 and vice versa long term. In keeping her joints healthy, she can then run and help maintain her stress status.


Anthony’s principal issue is his genetic stress coding, which leads to an inability to turn off his HPA axis resulting in chronic unresolved stress. Chloe’s stress genes have ideal coding allowing her to control daily stress through exercise. However, her poor coding for inflammation and collagen breakdown led to injury and an inability to exercise. The approach with Anthony was to rebalance his HPA axis, while for Chloe it was to reduce inflammation and promote healing to allow her to return to running.




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