Anthony – a 40 year old male

– Anthony has always been an anxious person but lately has started experiencing a bit of depression as well

– Two months ago he decided to go back to school to get his Masters degree while still working a part time job and raising two young children

– For the last two weeks he has been waking up between 2-4am with racing thoughts, usually about school. He feels like he has to study harder than his classmates else just to keep up.

– He has started to experience headaches and tightness in his chest, which were worse on days that he had to work right after he finished his school.

Anthony’s Genotype

  • FKBP5-CA: more receptor blocking, loss of negative feedback in HPA axis.
  • NR3C2-CC: fewer receptors, loss of negative feedback in HPA axis.
  • CRHR1-CC: more receptors and CRH production, stimulation of HPA axis
  • COMT -GA: less clearance of stress hormones.
  • CRY1- AG: blocks clock gene, decreased transition of sleep stages, increased bipolar risk.
  • IL6 -GG: increased inflammation in blood vessels, joints, increased temperature.
  • MMP3-TC: increased metalloproteases, joint inflammation and degradation.

Anthony’s Plan

  • Sereniten Plus: 2 caps BID empty stomach one dose before bed, and 1 cap in the middle of the night to restore normal HPA function and return the NS to the PS side.
  • Resveratrol Extra: 1 cap BID empty stomach to reduce IL6 and MMP3 production.
  • Melatonin PR 3 mg before bed to support the blocked clock gene and help transition into stage 4 sleep quickly.
  • Probio – 50B with food per day – he was already on this.
  • Massage therapy every other week.
  • Deep breathing – 1 minute 4 times a day.

Anthony’s Outcome

  • Within 48 hours he reported feeling “like he could keep his head above water” again and more like himself.
  • 2 weeks later he was sleeping 5 out of 7 nights per week, and if he woke, he was able to go back to sleep more easily.
  • 3 weeks later the stress of pursuing his Masters degree started to look more like excitement, headaches and tightness in his chest alleviated
  • 2 months later we reduced his supplements to 1 BID, increasing PRN.
NOTE: he needs to stay on the Sereniten Plus for his stress hormone genotype. 




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